With these and many smaller analytics groups scattered around the company, Verizon has also established a coordination mechanism across them. VEDA — Verizon Enterprise Data Analytics—is an enterprise organization that addresses data management, data governance, data warehousing and data lakes, and common analytical and AI technologies. The goal of VEDA is to facilitate cross-functional, cross-organizational projects. Each analytics group has a representative that serves as a key point of contact with VEDA. The coordinating group helps to build infrastructures for data and notifies diverse groups of shareable resources. Verizon has both proprietary and open source analytical and AI technologies, and it is their role to help the company use these efficiently.

Business adoption of Big Data and AI processes remains a challenge for most legacy firms.  Being a large and complex organization, possessing massive amounts of data to be analyzed, Verizon customers, suppliers, and partners require considerable help in navigating this complexity.  Analytics and cognitive applications can shed light on potential problems and make the navigation process easier.


On – 15 Nov, 2017 By CIO Central Guest