It’s hard to argue with the fact that the modern workforce is evolving at a phenomenal speed. The newest technology is constantly changing the way in which the modern business communicates, and the data available to companies is somewhat overwhelming, often requiring a lot more than a large amount of staff to make sense of the results.

Fortunately, developments in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), in connection with big data and machine learning could be making the process of handling huge amounts of data just a little bit simpler. The new business cloud service from BroadSoft, “BroadSoft Hub“, is a contextual-intelligence solution that offers users instant access to the content, files, and notes that they need to inform any interaction they’re having at any given time.

Introducing BroadSoft Hub

The latest announcement from BroadSoft revealed that “Hub” is now available to commercial companies across every business application offered by the company, includingGoo

BroadSoft Hub is designed to take workforce communication and UC to the next level by showing important contextual info to users based on who they’re talking with at any given time. According to research, most workers dealing with data spend approximately 2.5 hours every day seeking out information. This is crucial time that could be spent on more productive business activities. Fortunately, Hub combines BroadSoft’s range of cloud solutions with user communications to simplify the big data world.

All About Hub

BroadSoft Hub

Up until now, BroadSoft Hub has been through a number of trials over the last year, through service providers and enterprise clients in the brand’s consumer base. According to the chief officer for technology at BroadSoft, Scott Hoffpauir, the successful trials at Beta level ensured that BroadSoft were confident enough to begin introducing Hub at a commercial level to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The intelligence offered by Hub offers real-time information for those in meeting environments, to make instant analysis simple.

BroadSoft Hub features a range of built-in cloud applications including Google G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce. The company recently announced that they planned to add further applications in the future alongside improvements to the existing software. As a service that’s based entirely on the cloud, BroadSoft should be able to implement instant upgrades to the solution, including brand new performance developments and UI refinements. Additionally, Hub represents a part of the network of bOpen APIs from BroadSoft, which allow third-party developers to build their very own tailored solutions for business.

Simplifying Business

By offering a single environment for each of the communication needs that a company might have, BroadSoft Hub is genuinely moving companies towards the next generation of UC. The solution for contextual-sensitive collaboration and communication means that employees can not only become more productive in their work positions, but that they can also offer exceptional new levels of customer service too.

On – 11 May, 2017 By Rebekah Carter